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Bullwinkle - Poetry Corner

If you grew up watching Bullwinkle and one of your favorite parts of the show (after Fractured Fairy Tales) was probably Poetry Corner.  Here's "Tom Tom, The Piper's Son". Does anyone have the text to any of the other poem episodes?  We'd like to get all the poetry corner transcripts and publish them here!

Rocky: "And now--"

Bullwinkle: "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"

Rocky: "Again?"

Bullwinkle: "Nuthin up my sleeve...Presto!"

Rhino: "RRRRRRR!!!"

Bullwinkle: "Ooo..don't know my own strength!"

Rocky: "Now here's something we hope you'll really like!"

*BEEEEEEEEG fanfare*

Hello poetry lovers,
Today's poem is story of crime in the big city,
Tom Tom the Piper's Son.

Tom Tom the Piper's Son,
Stole a pig and away he--oop!

"Police Officer, whadda got in the bag?"

"It's, uh, sort of a pig."

"You got a permit to pack a pig?"

"Well, no, I, uh..."

"Better come along with us."

*in the cop stop*
"You know it's a felony to pack a pig over state lines?"



"But it's a pig in the poem."

"Bought a pig in a poke, huh?"

"Not poke, poem, pig in the poem."

"Pig poem?"

"Not so big, it's about--"

"You making fun of the way we talk?"

"No! But it's catchin'!"


"I'm Tom Tom the Piper's Son."

"Alright, Piperson, what were going to do with the pig?"

"Well, the poem it says 'the pig was eat', but--"

"Gonna eat it huh?"


"On a platter?"


"Apple in its mouth, like that?"

"Certainly not!"

"Alright Piperson you can go, but don't leave town."

"Thanks, can I have my pig back?"

"No. Evidence."


"One more thing, Piperson."

"What's that?"

"You got an apple on you?"